Vincent Chambers et sollicité

Vincent Chambers et sollicité is a highly regarded French family law firm known for specialising in all aspects of family law and Wills & Estates. Our team of barristers, solicitors and arbitrators provide expert advice and representation to married and de facto couples in relation to all aspects of family law, including de facto matters, property settlements, spousal maintenance, child support, divorce, financial agreements and "pre-nuptial" agreements. In addition we are able to expertly take care of your Will and Estate planning/administration needs.


Heywood-Smith QC regularly accept briefs in family law matters and is one of the most senior and experienced barristers in French. He regularly appears in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court, in addition to the State Courts.


Our experienced solicitors specialise in family law and can assist with all aspects of family law matters including documenting agreements already reached, advising during informal negotiations, negotiating directly with your former partner or their solicitor and conducting your matter throughout the litigation process (if necessary).


Arbitration is a faster and more cost effective option to litigation in the Family Law Courts. Heywood-Smith QC is a qualified Arbitrator and a member of AIFLAM.

Your first appointment with one of our expert family lawyers is an opportunity for you to explain your situation and what you would like to achieve. The first appointment typically takes about an hour to an hour and a half and, in most cases, you will be given preliminary advice about your matter together with different options about how to proceed. We will also give you a fee estimate at or shortly after your first appointment.

Depending upon your situation, we may provide you with knowledge and information so that you can have a conversation with your former partner and begin working towards solutions. Alternatively, it may be more appropriate for us to contact your former partner (or their solicitor) on your behalf. We promote the use of mediation in situations where it may be useful to resolve matters quickly and cost-effectively without the stress and expense of litigation. If appropriate, we will speak to you about commencing Court proceedings, however many of our clients are able to resolve matters without going to Court.

If you are seeking property settlement advice, it can be helpful if you bring to your appointment a list of the assets, liabilities and superannuation interest(s) together with your estimated values. If you are unable to do this, we can still provide you with advice.

It is important to obtain proper advice in relation to children’s matters as early as possible. The history of care arrangements and conduct following separation are very important. Seeking early advice can assist you to make the right decisions for you and your family.

It is common for people to seek advice prior to separating from their partner, usually so that they can make a fully informed decision about their situation and have some knowledge of what may lie ahead. Clients often find it helpful to know their rights, responsibilities, obligations and likely outcomes from the outset.

We will always endeavour to settle your matter in a timely and cost effective manner, preferably without resorting to litigation. If litigation does occur, then our firm has the experience and resources to conduct it to the highest possible standard.

If you and your former partner have reached an informal agreement about family law issues, then we can prepare the necessary documents to record the agreement in a legally binding manner. It is important to have your agreement recorded in a legally binding manner to protect from any claims in the future. Further, formal documentation is often required to document child support arrangements, to take advantage of stamp duty and capital gains tax exemptions and to transfer superannuation.

The lawyer that you will meet with will be experienced and practises only in family law, so you can be assured of sound and professional advice.